Jinjing (Group) Co., Ltd. is located in the birthplace of China glass industry, Boshan Zibo Shandong. It has been 113 years for Jinjing undertaking the civilization of China flat glass industry ever since the foundation of the first glass company in 1904. Currently, Jinjing Group is a large scaled corporation majored in development, production, fabrication and operation of glass, soda ash and their derivatives, and marching into new materials industry of solar and energy efficient products. Jinjing is state-level new and hi-tech enterprise and key enterprise of new material industry in China. Group chairman Wang Gang, Is the ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth National People's Congress delegate.

  The Jinjing Group in the product quality, pursues the function and the esthetic sense Organic fusion, the environmental protection and the safe natural connection, the performance and the appearance harmonious unification, the Vogue and the practical Perfect Union. The company mainly produces ultra white glass, off-line coated glass, online coated glass, sun film glass, color glass, fire glass, automotive glass, low salt and heavy glass soda, light soda, baking soda and baking soda detergent, etc., mainly for the construction, automotive, solar, industrial products and other market segments to provide green, environmental protection, energy saving, Safety and other differentiated products and services. Jinjing relying on float and LOW_E glass advantages, vigorously develop downstream processing business, products are exported to Europe and America, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East and hundreds of countries and regions.

JinJing once created a series of first or only:

  ◆China's first ultra white float glass;

  ◆The world's first 22、25MM super thick, 3660mm*18000mm super white float glass;

  ◆The world's first special insulating glass of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau train to become the only designated 


  ◆Chinese Glass first entered the Olympic venues-bird's Nest, Water Cube project;

  ◆The first high-rise building in the world-UAE Khalifa only selected Chinese glass from Jinjing;

  ◆Asia's largest rolling glass base;

  ◆Has the world's most varieties, the most advanced LOW-E coated glass production line;

  ◆World's first three silver coated car windshield;

  ◆The first batch of "China famous brand products" and "China well-known trademarks" float glass ...

  Jinjing Group and the Sun, with the green hug, will be "Innocence, excellence, globalization," the core concept of the lead, the pursuit of products, goods, character to the true, to pure, intellectual excellence, Evergreen, capital, talent, market, brand, service globalization. Adhere to create value for customers and value-added space for the drive, to win, the implementation of the "0 distance, 0 delay, 0 blind zone" service standards in the common value chain to share benefits.